Ola Alabi

My name is Ola Alabi and I have been an educator for over 14 years. I have taught students on many different levels from early child to adult education. Throughout my years educating some of the brightest minds I have encountered many different types of students who have needed my assistance in many ways, shapes and forms. It wasn’t until I became a special education teacher that I realized how much of a difference I could make in a scholar’s life. Over the last 11 years I have served the special education community as a teacher, early intervention specialist, I.E.P. coordinator and applied behavior analyst. I have enjoyed my time working with children with special needs and I have looked for many opportunities to expand my interactions with them through a variety of outlets. I was introduced to We Rock the Spectrum by my friend and co-owner Ms. Sherease Alston. I previously taught Sherease’s first child in middle school and through many conversations we both found that we have a passion for education. I have learned so much from her through interning at her daycare Little Minds at Work. She has taught me many different strategies for educating very young children and children with special needs. She has also taught me how to run a daycare program as a business as she is the sole owner of her daycare.

Professionally I hold multiple licenses throughout education including New York State certified licenses in Early Childhood Education, Middle Childhood Education, Attendance and Administrative Supervision. These licenses have served me well throughout my career. These attributes will continue to serve me as co-owner.

Throughout my experience as a business owner and educator I have encountered many people over many through many walks of life. Becoming a co-owner for the We Rock the Spectrum Staten Island location would be a dream job that I will cherish for the rest of my life.